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Steve Bates

LOL! Well, except for the parts that were too true to be funny. I'd call your story (appropriately enough) fabulous, if W hadn't ruined the word for all of us. Thanks!


thanks for telling it like it is..sorry it isnt funny to me. true things are to painful to be funny. read my book..Bartertown. Its due out this spring


Thanks, I needed this!! Idiot Republican friend sent me this idiotic story and I needed a snappy retort. Didn't feel like putting in the time needed to appropriately rip them so, this was more than PERFECT. Kudos to you my friend!


Googled to find this and it's great. Do you mind if your new Moral story it gets posted on other sites?


I'm sorry to say this, but your story is too true to be funny. :(


Oh, I thought it was pretty funny.

But....as a moderate Republican small buisness owner, I have to stand up for the morally responsible ants who took the risk to start their own hills, hire a few grasshoppers, and pay a bigger chunk of their income in to the social pot.

And....as one of those morally responsible ants who is struggling to keep his hill and his grasshoppers afloat, if you can convince all the "blue" insect ecosystems to secede and form their own environment and let the "red" ecosystems try survive without the "blue" ones, I'm right there with you guys!

If the honest ants and motivated grasshoppers work together, we can come up with something better in '08.


I love this! You really got it right...


Both were boring. There should only be one party, and thats Joshican.

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I think your story was idiotic, and that you don't even look at what's going on in the world around you because you're so busy helping illegal immigrants get over the border to steal all our jobs (THAT PEOPLE LIKE ME ARE MORE THAN WILLING TO TAKE, THANK YOU!) If you don't like our country, good. Move somewhere else. If so many people want to come here that has to say SOMETHING. If you think it's awful how they get treated, then go reform their country. K?


How can you complain about the so-called "hillbilly's" grammar, when you write something this choppy. I have a headache after reading your version....thanks!


The Dim version of the story is a funny spin on reality. Dims believe the mob riddled unions are the best judge of wage salaries. But how else would the union foreman's high school educated son find a job for $50 an hour watching a press? When is the last time you bought a vehicle from Detroit?... Over-priced peice of crap!
Also, I forget, who signed NAFTA? I thought it was Bill Clinton...I could be wrong, but Bill Clinton seems to be sticking in my mind for some reason. Yep, I am pretty sure it was Bill and Hillary show that is responsible for the fine peice of legislation.
Finally, I seem to also remember that all the big business scams happened during the Clinton Administration and were prosecuted under the Bush Admin. The job losses were a result of the recession that started under Clinton's admin. Everyone with an education, outside of Berkely, knows that it takes 2-3 years for a Presidents policies to affect the economy. However, the economic problems were compounded by the "attack here" sign that the Clinton placed over the US, with his gutting our security agencies and military. It's a wonder it only took Bush 3 years to fix his mess. But I guess that is more selective memory on your part.
Market freefall? Stocks have increassd 20% since Bush took office. Where have you been? Based on your babbling diatribe above, you probably sank all of your money in Aqua Dots and the Chinese toy market and took out a variable home loan way above what you could afford. I can understand why you Dims want another Dim president to bail you out of your bad investment decisions. I can hear the whining now...Hillary, Obama, please bail me out...I'm an idiot and can't be trusted to make adult decisions on my own!!!


Thanks! Didn't want to take the time to come up w/ a response to this email that I just got. Thought you'd like to know that even 5 yrs after you wrote this, it's still be read and is helpful!


I meant "still being read" (sorry- typo in my previous post and I can't figured out how to edit it!)


If you really want to turn our once-great nation into a Socialist country, then go ahead and vote for Obama. And if you elect him, I, as one of the 5% of the taxpayers that Obama apparently thinks will support the other 95%, will close down my business and move to another country. I can afford to do that because I worked my butt off for 30 years, and I damn sure didn't need a handout from the government to do it! I paid almost $300,000 in taxes last year, and I can assure you I will not pay any more. Why would I choose to live in a country that wants to take what I worked so hard for to give handouts to those who chose to sit on their butts and wait for just that - a handout?


You left out the part about Dick Gephardt lambasting the ant for "winning life's lottery."


In the sequel, Obama gets elected president and the grasshopper never has another complaint. And the ant is only too happy to fork it all over to assuage the guilt he has always felt for working so hard and creating wealth.

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