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I have received this list of quotes in my email six times in the past two weeks. Four of them attribute the quotes to John Kerry and the other two attribute them to George Bush. So I did a little checking and I found this page http://www.theotherpages.org/alpha-q1.html
The page was put up in 1994 and attributes most of the quotes to Dan Quayle. Who knows if he even said them? What is truly scarey is that thousands of people are spreading this nonsense as truth and these are the people who will elect our next president. Wake up people. Just because you read it on the internet does not make it the truth.

John Michaelson

These quotes have been on the internet for years and years, long predating Bush's presidency. The fact that some are so desperate to find any way of demeaning him that they can't bother to find accurate quotes to mock, now take old quotes and simply attribute them anew. That's about the mental capacity of these intellectual giants, alright.

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